What you need to take with you

Be sure to download these apps to your phone

Yandex - taxi applications

2GIS - map application

The Google map in Kazakhstan does not work well, it does not show all city services, bus stops and metro stops.

Clothing Autumn/Winter

Thermal underwear, synthetic T-shirts, fleece jacket, membrane jacket, hat, gloves, pants, trekking (or sports) socks, woolen socks, clean clothes, boots, sunglasses.

Clothing Spring/Summer

Windbreaker, jacket, sweater, t-shirts, pants and shorts, sneakers, swimsuit / swimming trunks (for rafting), sunglasses.

The documents

Passport, cash and card preferable have both option (to pay for additional services), telephone, medical insurance (optional).


Sun tanning cream, insect spray, painkillers, individual medications.

Personal hygiene

Hygienic lipstick, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper napkins, toothpaste.

What our Tourists say ❤️

  • Deborah
    from Germany
    Hi!! Thank you so much, the pictures are AMAZING!! And we already checked out the reel on Instagram, it’s also reaaaally cool - thank you very much for a great adventure, success to your company!! 😍😍
  • Ahmad
    from Saudi Arabia
    It was incredibly cool, thank you for the tour, the trip to the ethnographic village of nomads was very interesting and the visit to the ski resort was very fun and wonderful, you really know how to entertain🤩👍🏼
  • Elisa
    from Italy
    Everything was good, local food, accommodation and transportation!
    Good company, good driver and we felt good the whole time; we really appreciated the walk through the canyon, even though it was hot, the atmosphere was incredible!
    We also liked the lakes, especially it was a lot of fun on the way to Lake Kaindy using that kind of jeep off road while muisic was pumping loudly🤣
    Thank you for all these impressions!
  • Joshua

    from UK

    I've been traveling for 3 months now, these guys know their job! Thank you! My next destination is China!
  • Moritz

    from Germany

    It was very cool and awesome! If you are nervous for the first time, you will get used to the electric bike very easily and quickly. And most importantly, take your documents with you so that the border guards won’t say anything when you go up the mountain.
  • Veronika & Dougal

    from UK

    😍It was a great family trip, we visited the Huns village and learned about Kazakh tradition and cuisine, and we had a great time in the Charyn Canyon and Lake Kolsai National Park! Thanks to VOSTOK company!
  • Celine

    from UAE

    Amazing and the tour operator was fantastic. cheerful professional. fabulous day!!
  • Jonathan

    from Germany

    Englisch ist teilweise schwierig aber ansonsten war es vollkommen super. Sichere Busfahrt und viel Spaß beim raften.
  • Mohamed

    from Saudi Arabia

    It was a great ride, the scenery was stunning and the bikes were in good condition. Highly recommended, just note that the bike guide doesn't speak much English, but it didn't really matter as the ride was naturally enjoyable.
  • Meit Vakil

    from India

    Thank you, we liked everything, but there was a problem with the food, there is no vegetarian food menu. But rafting was fun.
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