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About hunting


- Tour duration 12 days (10 days of pure hunting)

- Tour cost (full package): 9,000 € including the cost of one deer trophy with antlers up to 7 kg.

- Over 7 kg. surcharge of 1000 € for each additional kg of horn

- Hunting season: from 01.09 to 31.12

Capricorn (Tek)

- Tour duration 8 days (6 days of pure hunting)

- Tour cost (full package): 6,000 € including the cost of one trophy with horns up to 90 cm. Over 90 cm, surcharge of 500 € for every 5 cm. horns.

- Hunting season: from 01.08 to 31.12

Siberian Mountain Roe Deer (Elik)

- Tour duration 7 days (5 days of pure hunting)

- Tour cost (full package): 4,000 €

- Hunting season: from 01.08 to 31.12

Along the way:

Siberian Mountain Roe Deer (Elik)

- Cost of 1 license (1 trophy): 2,000 €


- Cost of 1 license (1 trophy): 1,200 €


- Cost of 1 stamp: 250 €


- Cost of 1 stamp: 30 €

• Meeting and seeing off from the airport from customs control
• Transport services to and from base camp
• Transport services during hunting (horses, cars)
• Accommodation in a hunting lodge or yurt, as well as in camping tents (radial exits, the camp is located at an altitude of 2400-2700 meters above sea level)
• Three meals a day
• Guide services for each hunter
• Translator services at base camp
• Taxidermist services (primary trophy processing and packaging) from 500 €.
• Registration of permits for the import, export and export of weapons
• Registration of veterinary permits with obtaining an international certificate for the export of trophies
• One license per trophy

Not Included:
• Visa support and registration on arrival
• Air travel
• Accommodation in hotels in Almaty
• Excursion services around Almaty
• Insurance policy
• Alcoholic drinks
• Cultural programs

• Transportation of the trophy from Kazakhstan and luggage weight

To organize a tour you need:

• Submit your application no later than six weeks before your intended trip, or for an urgent rate 3 weeks in advance.

• Make an advance payment of 80% of the tour cost

• Send us the necessary documents to obtain permission to import, transport, export weapons to Kazakhstan and obtain a pass to the border zone

Required documents:

• Application indicating:

- Permanent place of residence

- Place of work

- Duration of stay in Kazakhstan

- Brand, number and caliber of the weapon, number of imported cartridges.

• A clear scanned copy of your passport

• A clear scanned copy of the hunting license

• A clear scanned copy of the weapon permit (license)


• In case of cancellation of the tour, the prepayment is non-refundable. In special cases, the hunt may be postponed until next year.

• The cost is not refundable if the hunter does not hit the trophy in less than 2 attempts (approaches) (At least 2 shots). Attempts and approaches are not limited by the organizers.

• Approaches to the trophy at a distance of at least 200 m

• Wounding of a trophy is considered a successful hunt.

• The trophy is sent two months after taxidermy.

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