The mountains of Kazakhstan are real paradise for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. These mountains offer magnificent scenery, many trekking routes and unique natural attractions that cannot be seen anywhere else.
There are many mountain routes in Almaty, from simple one-day ones to the most difficult ones.
We present you the most beautiful and easiest routes.
Route 4: Glade Terra

Glade Terra is a picturesque location located in the Prohodnoy Gorge, which is familiar to many under the name “Alma-Arasan”. The clearing is located at an altitude of 2609 meters above sea level and is of medium difficulty. To get to Terra, you need to cover 14 km round trip.

Route 5: Kok Zhailau Plateau

Kok-Zhailau, or Green Pasture, is one of the most beautiful places in the Almaty mountains. It retains its attractiveness for lovers of walks in the mountains throughout almost the entire year, with the exception of spring and early summer, when seasonal tick activity begins.

Route 6: Furmanov Pik
This peak requires certain physical preparation. There are many beautiful places to relax in the gorge, so even if you don’t go to the peak, a walk along the gorge will bring a lot of pleasure.
Route 7: Old Japan Road

The Old Japanese Road is the remains of a working road built by Japanese prisoners of war after the end of World War II. This is a full-fledged mountain trek, a route more than 10 kilometers long. Climbers enjoy amazing panoramic views of the city and the gorge.

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Duration: 3-8 hours.

Visiting time: All Seasons.
Transport: Comfortable transport, depending on the number of people.
Insurance: Participants independently insure themselves against unforeseen events.
The main thing is the right equipment. Make sure you have good quality shoes, a hat and sunscreen in advance. Bring a waterproof jacket or raincoat. The weather in the mountains is different from that in the city.
Don't forget a flashlight. The journey back may take place at dusk, without good lighting, so it is recommended to either take a powerbank or a good battery-powered flashlight with you.
Warn your loved ones about the route. Before you set off, tell someone you know: where you are going and when you plan to return.
Don't go hiking alone. The main danger of a solo hike is the risk of injury. In this case, victims rely only on their own strength.
Study the weather. Do not go to the mountains in conditions of frost, heavy rain and increased windiness.
Avoid tick bites. The most optimal period for hiking is the beginning of June and the end of October. April-May and August-September are periods of high tick activity, so take appropriate precautions - do not leave exposed skin and use repellents.
Follow the checklist of things you need on a hike: sunglasses; headdress (cap, Panama, bandana); 1 liter of drinking water; provisions (sandwiches, chocolate bars, nuts and dried fruits); anti-tick spray; sun cream; painkillers; hydrogen peroxide and bandage.
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